How to Maintain a Healthy Shine in Your Wood Floor | Crystal Chem-Dry
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I think we would all agree that clean and shiny wood flooring is attractive. Wood flooring is beautiful and adds a special value to any home. It is important to maintain the health of your wood floor. Without proper care, wood flooring can warp and lose its color. 

Get Rid of the Germs 

Wood floor also houses many different germs and bacteria. Foot traffic, kids, and pets are all culprits when it comes to tracking in bacteria such as: dirt, fungi, and other viruses. Bacteria can thrive off moisture, dirt, and other food particles.  

Common Steps to Cleaning Wood Floor: 

  1. Sweep: This gets rid of most of the dirt, dust, and food particles. We know that sweeping only gets the dirt and bacteria on the surface.  
  2. Mop: The second step after sweeping is to use a disinfecting solution with a mop. The warm water and solution eliminates the bacteria housed in your wood.  



  • Industry-leading equipment with rotating brushes that penetrate the grain of the wood, providing a deeper clean 
  • Our professional wood cleaning service uses minimal water, protecting the wood from damage 
  • When finished sanitizing and removing the bacteria, Chem-Dry uses a durable polish that leaves a protective barrier and healthy shine 

It is simple... Call Chem-Dry for your professional regular wood floor cleaning! We are dedicated to helping you maintain the “brand-new” look for your wood floor.  

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