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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Woodbury, NY

Carpet Cleaning Woodbury, NY
Built upon the belief that innovation should be a continual process, Chem-Dry’s research and development has led the world in improvements to the carpet cleaning process in order to be able to offer the best equipment, methods and solutions that the industry has available. We, at Crystal Chem-Dry, are proud to provide this unparalleled approach to the Woodbury, NY area, a choice of cleaning that has many advantages for your carpet and for your wallet.

Chem-Dry is drier.
Because we utilize the power of carbonation, we are able to use less water in our cleaning process than steam cleaning methods. This groundbreaking process allows carpets to dry within just 1-2 hours instead of the 1-2 days required by steam cleaning!

Chem-Dry is cleaner.
Flooding your carpet with soapy water via steam cleaning may give the appearance of a "deep clean", but really the only thing that is deep is where all of the dirt and grime is now located. Gravity naturally pulls all of that excess moisture deep into the carpet fibers and pad, where much of it cannot be sucked back out. Your carpets are left soaked to dry, while that residual fluid remains filthy. Chem-Dry's bubbles bring the dirt to the top where it can be completely removed. In addition to restoring your carpet to a fresh, new look, your carpets will stay clean for longer, making them require less frequent cleanings!

Chem-Dry is healthier.
Since we are committed to environmental stability, Chem-Dry has developed this innovative method to use only entirely natural substances in our cleaning solutions. Not only does this benefit the environment – it is also a huge benefit to your home and family as well. You can rest assured that no harmful chemicals will ever come near your home during the Chem-Dry cleaning process to guarantee that your family and your carpets will always be kept safe. To experience the Chem-Dry difference in Woodbury, NY, call or click today to schedule your professional carpet cleaning appointment with Crystal Chem-Dry.

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